Multi Storey Flats- Progress update

Boston Towers –  Laterals and Risers – 100% mechanical/electrical 100% complete – Sprinklers – 100% complete Cherry Court – Laterals and Risers – 100% mechanical/electrical 100% complete – Sprinklers – 100% complete Spalding Towers –  Laterals and Risers – 100% mechanical /electrical complete – Sprinklers 100% complete Roxby Close – Laterals  and Risers – 100% mechanical …

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The Chimney Arrives at Saxton Gardens

We’re pleased to report that the progress continues on the Leeds PIPES project and the striking, orange chimney has arrived and been installed at the Saxton Gardens energy centre site. The chimney is 20m high, 2.9m in diameter and comprises 5 internal flues which are surrounded by an outer casing known as the windshield.  The …

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