New Boiler Delivery to Saxton Gardens Energy Centre

The Leeds PIPES project received an exciting delivery recently at the Saxton Gardens energy centre.  The first 11 MW gas-fired boiler arrived late last month after completing its 1,000 mile journey from Vienna, where it was manufactured, to Leeds where it is being installed.  The boiler weighs 20 tonnes, measures over 8m long and was manoeuvred into place by our project team in just over one hour.

Whilst the primary source of heat for the district heating network will come via the nearby Recycling & Energy Recovery Facility (RERF), we are also installing traditional gas-fired boilers at Saxton Gardens.  The boilers will act as a backup system, ensuring the system has additional resilience and residents have access to heat and hot water at all times.  Additional boilers are scheduled to arrive later in the year.