Progress at Cross Green energy centre

Work on the construction of the Cross Green Energy centre continues and we’re pleased to be able to give you an update on the progress.

The steel frame for the energy centre was installed by Elland Steel, a local contractor employed by Vital Energi. The frame was erected, put in place and all secondary cladding support installed in just one week.

Once this was in place and before the outer cladding was put on, the steel structure was protected using a special fireproof coating, called intumescent paint which adds fire resistance to the frame.

The cladding and roof were then installed by Axis Envelope Solutions, another local contractor. It took just two weeks to fully clad and fit the roof onto the energy centre, which was completed on 24th August 2018.

Now that the concrete floor, roof and cladding is all in place, next week will see the beginning of drainage and external works package, prior to the internal fit out commencing.

The work at the Cross Green energy centre is an example of our guarantee to the local community. Working with local businesses forms part of Vital Energi’s commitment to the city of Leeds with a target of 60% of spend to be allocated locally to ensure the project provides benefits to the local economy.