Fortnightly update on Leeds PIPES road disruption

As the installation of the Leeds PIPES Network is underway, the below roads will be effected whilst we install the new district heating pipes. We have worked with Leeds City Council Highways department to ensure that efficient traffic management measures are in place to keep the impact on road users to a minimum.

The current areas effected are listed below:

Richmond Hill

  • Easy Road: Completed on time, 6th July.
  • Dial Street: From 31st May 2018– Temporary traffic lights. Completed 24.08.18
  • Ellerby Lane –. Anticipated completion date 01.09.18 – Completed 03.09.18
  • Ellerby Road – Parking restrictions  currently in place. Anticipated completion date 01.09.18 – completed 03.09.18
  • Richmond Hill Park –  Glencoe View  From 1st September 2018.  Road diversions are in place.  Anticipated completion date 30.11.18

City Centre

  • St Celia Street – From 1st June 2018 – Road closed. Anticipated end date 31.08.18  – completed 31.08.18. Additional works will now commence 01.10.18 on York Street which will restrict the access to St Cecilia Street from York Street until 14.11.18. –  Date extended until 26.11.18
  • Quarry Hill Car Park –  31.08.18 -There will no access to Quarry Hill Car Park from the A64. Access will available via St Cecilia  Street.  –  Access via A64 will be available from 08.10.18 – Completed on time
  • York Street: From 21.05.2018 – Road diversions are in place. Additional works will commence 08.10.18  with an expected completion date of 14.11.18.  This will involve the inbound section of York Street being closed to traffic during this period.  Access to St Cecilia Street  will not be available from York Street  during  the period  – 8.10.2018  – 15.10.2018 October  but will be available  via York Street outbound from 16.10.2018. – Completed on time
  • Marsh Lane – Friday evening 10th August 2018  full closure of Marsh Lane 20.00pm – 00.00am (midnight) – Inbound and Outbound  between Saxton Lane and Mill Street.   Works will stop at midnight due to surrounding buildings and to minimise noise pollution.   However the full closure will remain in place.  Works will re-commence Saturday 11th August  2018 at 07.00am until 00.00am (midnight). On Sunday 12th August 2018 at 07.00am the installation of the District Heating pipes will commence and will be completed by 16.00pm when
  • we will then backfill and reinstate the carriageway other than the near side lane. – Completed on time  This lane will be completed by 19.00pm on Friday 17th August 2018.  (Working hours will be Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday 07.00am – 19.00pm) – Completed on time.  
  • Mabgate/Bell Street – Monday 22nd October 2018 –  The 4 parking bays outside ATS on Mabgate will be suspended and Mabgate will be closed just beyond the entrance to St Marys Street. The 6 parking spaces at the bottom before the A64 bridge will not be available for the duration of the works. Cyclists and pedestrians will still be able to use  the underpass whilst works are ongoing.  Excavation works will be undertaken by Vital Energi staff working 07.00 am till 18.30 pm Monday to Friday only.  Pipework will eventually extend down Mabgate and link up with pipework previously installed. This will involve the temporary suspension of 2 parking bays on the opposite side of the road outside the ATS and opposite the converted City of Mabgate Public House.  Anticipated end date 14th December 2018. As of Monday 5th November there will also be a road closure in place at the junction of Mabgate, Hope Road and Argyle Road . Traffic will not be able to exit Mabgate via Hope Road or Argyle Road.  Traffic entering Hope Road will not be able to enter Argyle Road or Mabgate.    Access to Argyle Road will be available from McCauley Street but will be restricted to access for residents parking at the converted Black Horse Public house flats and access to the car compound by KD Bros. –
  • A64 Slip Road Crossing ( Under New York Road Tunnel) Friday 16th November  at 20.00pm – Monday 19th November  at 05.00am. As part of the ongoing work there will be a full road closure on the A64  (M) slip Road Crossing /New York Road Tunnel between Regent Street and Marsh Lane. The works  will include breaking up the road to allow for the installation of the District Heating Pipework. Full  Traffic Management will be in place with diversions clearly signposted – Completed on time .

Saxton Gardens

  • Flax Place: From 18th June 2018One way system in place. Completed ahead of schedule on the 26th July.
  • Saxton Lane:   No exit from Saxton Lane onto Marsh Lane other than emergency vehicles and buses which will be able to turn right onto Marsh Lane via the bus lane.   Anticipated completion date Friday 17th August 2018. It is not anticipated that  refuse collections will be affected on Flax Lane as the refuse vehicle will be able to  access Flax Lane  but will not be able to exit via Saxton Lane.  Completed 
  • Saxton Lane: From Monday 8th October 2018 the inbound section of Saxton/Flax Place junction opposite the entrance to Foundry Street will be closed. Access to the church facilities will be available via Mill Street or Richmond Street entrances then left onto Flax Place and left again onto Saxton Lane.  Egress for church users and the ambulance service only vehicles is Saxton Lane onto Marsh Lane.  Saxton Lane will remain accessible to the businesses prior to the point of closure but in order to maintain response times the ambulance service will be allowed to leave the estate via Flax Place/Saxton Lane. No other vehicles will be allowed to use this route as a means to exit onto Marsh Lane.  First bus diversions for the 11E and 62 service:  For journeys towards the city centre they will stay on eat street and miss off Flax Place, Saxton Lane, Marsh Lane and York Street omitting to service Flax Lane bus stop 45023377 and York Street 45014787. For passengers who would use Flax Place 45023377 toward toward it has been agreed that Saxton Gardens residents can board towards East End Park at 45023378. Passengers will not be charged any more than the existing fare applicable from the suspended bus stop (45023377) There is obviously additional journey times for this journey is the only option to maintain the existing timetables to keep a reliable service across the above routes. Journeys from the city centre to Saxton Gardens/East End Park are unaffected.  Anticipated end date 16th November 2018. – Completion date extended to 30th November 2018


  • Saxton Garden Flats – Tuesday 30th October 2018. The existing heating system will be shut down on the evening of Tuesday 30th at approx 20.00pm/21.00pm and the engineers will then work throughout the night to ensure that district heating system will be re energised at approximately 06.00am the following morning, Wednesday 31st October 2018. During this period you will not have access to the district heating system to your property and you are advised to ensure your hot water cylinder is filled with hot water before the works commence. These works are being completed in order to facilitate the changeover to the new energy centre planned for December 2018. All this work will be undertaken within the site compound area at the end of Flax Place. Unfortunately there will be some noise from the area so we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.  UPDATE: Tuesday 30th October 2018 – Unfortunately the works was not completed. A future date will be posted once confirmed.

Cross Green

  • Pontefract Road Crossing & Cross Green Lane: From 2nd July – Road diversions are in place. Completed on the 27th July 2018.

Lincoln Green:

  • Macaulay Street: From 11th April 2018One way system in place. Anticipated end date to be confirmed. Completed  17.08.2018
  • Accommodation Road: From 2nd July – Road closed,  diversions in place. Anticipated end date 07.09.2018 Completed 07.09.18
  • Beckett Street: From: 6th August 2018 –  No left or right turn onto Accommodation Road or Lincoln Green Road from Beckett Street. Diversions in place. Traffic Management in place. Anticipated end date 07.09. 2018. Access to Accommodation Road available 07.09.2018. Completed
  • Lincoln Green Road: From: 6th August 2018  – Road closure in place at Beckett Street end of Lincoln Green Road. Anticipated end date 7th September 2018 – Traffic now open to two way single file traffic.  Anticipated completion  of all works on Lincoln Green Road 15.11.2018 – Completed on time
  • Lindsey Mount – From 10th  September 2018 –  Road closure in place    – no access to Lincoln Green Road . Anticipated end date 19.10.2018  – Completed on time
  • Argyle Road  –  From 10th September 2018 –  two way traffic management. Anticipated end date 10.10.2018. Completed 

Ebor Gardens:

  • Torre Road: From 19th April 2018Temporary traffic lights. Completed 1 week ahead of schedule (13th July)
  • Nippet Lane: From 16th May 2018Temporary traffic lights.  Anticipated end date 3rd August 2018. Completed 3rd August 2018
  • Torre Road/Oxton Way – Traffic management in place. Anticipated end date 03.09.18. Completed 03.09.18

We appreciate your patience during the installation of the Leeds PIPES Network and will continue to work with Highways department to minimise disruption to commuters.

If you have any queries regarding the project then please contact Gail O’Mahony – 07818596824 or David Whitelow – 07464542589

Disclaimer: Please note that we always aim to meet the anticipated end dates stated next to each road. However, if we should ever experience unavoidable delays due to reasons outside of our control, we will update the anticipated end date so that commuters and residents are aware. We thank you in advance for your understanding.